It's a bird, it's a plane.......actually, yes - it's a plane

So my general persona could actually be summed as 'woman of steel'. Nothing is too great a challenge. Fake my way through an interview in Italian - no problem. Ride a crazy horse that's heading for the border - bring it on. Go to Ghana and hang out in a mud hut trying to help someone start a business - I have it covered. However, I seem to have suddenly met my match.

I have a swiftly approaching date to take several planes from Portugal to the United States to visit my mother and I have become a cream puff - shaking in my shoes at the thought of catching covid.

I have armed myself with masks in rainbow colours - the prettier they are, the more effective - I have ordered immunity boosters from vitamin D, vitamin C, Elderberry and Echinacea and will be popping these instead of regular meals. I am only going with a carry on so I had to jettison half my clothes in order to squeeze all these supplements into my bag. Those jeans are going to be a bit pungent after multiple wears. If anyone tries to remove my mask, I will karate chop and throw them to the ground. They won't stand a chance.

Of course my ever loving mother - I think it is a generational thing - has told me that I acting like a complete imbecile and need to pull up my socks. Where's all that motherly love and understanding? What happened to the tea, digestives with lashings of sympathy at the first sign of alarm? My brother has What's App'd me to tell me that it's going to be a great week and I am resentfully thinking 'for who?'. You're not the one stepping into the abyss so don't give me any of your Hallmark pep talks.

Actually I am moving towards a greater sense of calm and acceptance. I am hoping to live long enough to cross the Atlantic and make my way back again (even if it's in a rowing boat), but in the mean time I am trying to focus on the positives. These include the lack of other passengers which will enable me to lie across at least 5 seats and the ability to purloin multiple rubber based chicken meals to complement my supplement intake. It'll be problem. Won't it?

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