Biking is not just a way to arrive at your desired destination. It is a journey into a source of strength, freedom and limitless possibilities. When you are one with your bike, you know that you can travel as far and fast as your imagination will let you. Biking also allows you to move through and embrace the environment in the knowledge that you are in a small way, helping to ensure a more sustainable future for everyone. Finally, let’s not forget about the wonderful health benefits of biking. Other forms of transport may seem to take you further and faster, but if it is the journey and not the destination that matters, then biking is unbeatable. Jump on a bike and leave all your negative emotions and stress behind while your mind and body become stronger with every mile. Just start to pedal and you will be amazed at how far you can go.

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6 Bad Habits That Can Stunt Brand Growth - Forbes Magazine Article

These days, it is much easier to talk about brand growth than it is to actually achieve it. The irony is that there are so many brands out there that are constantly on the search for new growth strategies and yet despite significant marketing dollars being thrown at them, they fail to move the needle. So what is standing in the way of brands growing as robustly as they should?

1. Unwillingness To Be A Pioneer

There is a lot of truth in the Aldous Huxley quote, “The vast majority of human beings dislike and even actually dread all notions with which they are not familiar. Hence it comes about that at their first appearance innovators have generally been persecuted, and always derided as fools and madmen.”

It is difficult to take a mental leap into "what might be" rather than "what is," so brands can get stuck in the present where innovation and new product development represent tweaks rather than major leaps forward. It is easier to develop a new flavor of potato chip than it is to invent a whole new snacking solution.

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There is a new front runner in the electric car category and it’s quietly overtaking the competition. With the Polestar 2, drivers can tap into the highest levels of performance, comfort and accessibility, while joining the movement to be more environmentally responsible. The Polestar 2 has raced ahead when it comes to performance, offering an acceleration speed of 0-60 in an impressive 4.7 seconds and a range of 232 miles, while cutting the running cost of a car by 60% compared to a similar sized diesel model. Looks wise it is causing a few wolf whistles with its combination of sleek, clean lines we expect from Scandinavian design with an overall futuristic appearance due to its wrap around back headlights and dramatic sharp edges. 


It can go from smart city car to family friendly hatchback in an instant and sports an interior that feels like stepping into a 5-star hotel. It commendably walks the line between practicality and fun, with its smart i-pad like screen console, which controls everything from GPS, seat-heaters, radio and GPS, and can respond to comments like ‘It’s getting a bit warm in here’ prompting the air conditioning to jump into action. At a starting price of £39K, The Polestar 2 lets you go electric in style.

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Are We Really Emotionally Dead? - Blog Post

In our hyper data-driven world, where all the focus is on the latest tweet or like on Facebook, emotion in marketing seems to have taken even more of a backseat than it did in the past. For years, agencies battled on, trying to convince clients that making an emotional connection with their audiences was essential to fight against short term market fluctuations and increased competition. After all, if consumers don't just buy your brand for what it can do for them, but also feel emotionally connected, they are far more likely to stick with you when times get tough. 


The reality is that brands that over the years have succeeded in connecting emotionally with their audiences are the ones that are still around today. The 1984 commercial which shot the brand Apple to instant fame, didn’t talk about features and benefits but about setting its users free from the confines of traditional computers. 


By being slavishly determined to just ‘tell it like it is’ and focus exclusively on the rational sale in advertising, we lose that wonderful ability to go beyond providing information to becoming a form of enlightening entertainment.

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Come and grow your network at one of the many British- Portuguese Chamber networking events throughout the year.


Our networking events are designed with the goal of connecting you and your company with other Chamber members where there is the opportunity to explore high potential new partnerships and business possibilities.


We would love you to join us, share your wisdom and experience, meet new people and exchange viewpoints on key business issues.

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Advertorial - Patagonia

Concern about climate change has dramatically increased in the past 5-6 years, going from about 54% in 2015 to about 70% in 2021. People are waking up to the fact that climate change is real and that something has to be done. Recycling more, buying an electric car, using solar energy, or exploring alternative forms of transportation are all ways that people are adopting to make a difference. However, most people don’t give a passing thought to cutting back on the amount of cheap clothing they add to their wardrobes every week, which would make a bigger impact than any of the other solutions put together.


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In today’s multi-faceted world, people are increasingly refusing to be categorized by broad demographic determinants like age. People are linked more by common mindsets towards life than they are by the fact that they share the same birthday. Consequently, BR has leapt over expertise in broad demographic groups such as Millennials, to identify a wide-reaching mindset that transcends demographics. This audience, called The Hyper Life by BR, represents over one-third of the US population and is a major influencer in terms of driving brand and business success. They are doing this through a lifestyle that embraces today’s fast-paced world with a mindset of living for the moment, being first to try and experience new things and looking for ways to make a difference in the world


The Hyper Life consumer earns more than the general population and spends freely, with 49% more likely to buy things on the spur of the moment and 85% saying they like to try new things. This high-value consumer also has a strong influence on the purchases of others with 58% saying their friends and family seek their advice.

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Communication Purpose

To enable a charter school previously called Della Lamb, to more effectively compete for students in KC education market.

Consumer Insight

Della Lamb’s key point of difference vs. other area schools was the ability to attract students who were recent immigrants, and therefore came from all corners of the world. The opportunity was to turn this perceived weakness into a strength through the idea of enrichment through multiple cultural perspectives.

Strategic Idea

Kansas City International Academy: Many Cultures, One School


Welcoming, energetic and inclusive.

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It's a Bird, It's a Plane......Yes, It's a Plane - Blog Post

So my general persona could actually be summed as 'woman of steel'. Nothing is too great a challenge. Fake my way through an interview in Italian - no problem. Ride a crazy horse that's heading for the border - bring it on. Go to Ghana and hang out in a mud hut trying to help someone start a business - I have it covered. However, I seem to have suddenly met my match.


I have a swiftly approaching date to take several planes from Portugal to the United States to visit my mother and I have become a cream puff - shaking in my shoes at the thought of catching covid.


I have armed myself with masks in rainbow colours - the prettier they are, the more effective - I have ordered immunity boosters from vitamin D, vitamin C, Elderberry and Echinacea and will be popping these instead of regular meals. I am only going with a carry on so I had to jettison half my clothes in order to squeeze all these supplements into my bag. Those jeans are going to be a bit pungent after multiple wears. If anyone tries to remove my mask, I will karate chop and throw them to the ground. They won't stand a chance.


Of course my ever loving mother - I think it is a generational thing - has told me that I acting like a complete imbecile and need to pull up my socks. Where's all that motherly love and understanding? What happened to the tea, digestives with lashings of sympathy at the first sign of alarm? My brother has What's App'd me to tell me that it's going to be a great week and I am resentfully thinking 'for who?'. You're not the one stepping into the abyss so don't give me any of your Hallmark pep talks.


Actually I am moving towards a greater sense of calm and acceptance. I am hoping to live long enough to cross the Atlantic and make my way back again (even if it's in a rowing boat), but in the mean time I am trying to focus on the positives. These include the lack of other passengers which will enable me to lie across at least 5 seats and the ability to purloin multiple rubber based chicken meals to complement my supplement intake. It'll be problem. Won't it?

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Get Addicted to Life
Kombucha Print Ad

Synergy Kombucha doesn’t just taste good, it feels so good you’ll always want to keep one at hand.


From the first sip, your gut will be happier, your immune system will be stronger and your energy level will get a boost.


It’s packed so full of probiotics and enzymes that making being healthier only one bottle away.


Loosing It In Heathrow - blog post

At the beginning of my trip from Portugal to the US, I had decided to rename myself Olivia to alliterate with ‘Organise’. I had everything in its place and every last corner of my bags accounted for. My overnight bag was bulging but I squeezed in enough clothes for two weeks and put every single time I was going to need for the trip in labelled plastic baggies. I was obsessed. My piece de resistance was buying a small multi-compartment file folder where I could neatly assign and label slots for each piece of paper I needed, and as all of us weary travellers know at this point, the list is endless. Boarding passes, passports, vaccine certificates, test results, passenger locator forms, hotel confirmations, to name just a few.


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The work done at PASA is vital not only to the ongoing preservation of primates, but also to get a deeper insight into human evolution. Researchers have already conducted significant studies at PASA, and we need more scientists like yourself to continue to do this valuable and essential work.


Scientists who work with us are given easy access to observe diverse primate species living in large forest enclosures and receive logistical support from the sanctuaries. Research conducted through us includes primate cognition, social behaviour and the evolution of tool usage.

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COG was born from the frustration that traditional research didn’t get at the truth about how people who are exposed to advertising are really going to respond to and act on what they see and hear. It’s not that people lie or are deluded: they are just not very good at noticing why they do things, or recalling them.


So COG developed new research tools based on tracking people’s eye movements and brain waves, and used them to ensure that they could measure how people really watched and interacted with ads and their resultant impressions of the brand or product involved.


We live in a world of fake news and dodgy claims. COG delivers evidence of what is really going on and how brands, advertisers and the media fit into people’s lives.



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Africa is innovating. Home to both tremendous opportunity and considerable challenges, African scholars, researchers, and entrepreneurs are taking on some of the world's most daunting problems. In industries such as green-tech, financial services, and healthcare, African businesses are developing locally informed solutions with global applications. However, a lack of awareness of the cutting edge work being done in Africa is keeping the west from taking full advantage of these innovations. We have to reverse this situation - bringing African expertise, knowledge and capabilities to the efforts to tackle the worlds most pressing issues and create global growth. 


The Program For African Thought was designed with a single purpose: to bring the innovation, inspiration and insight of African thought leaders to the world. This is not a matter of charity, but one of bringing the new technologies, practices and understandings that are being developed throughout Africa to global efforts to create a prosperous 21st Century. The Program for African Thought identifies thought leaders across multiple disciplines and creates a platform from which they can meaningfully share their ideas with the business and policy communities. Bringing these voices to the table will expose policymakers and business leaders worldwide to new perspectives and opportunities that will put them at the forefront of the 21st century’s most exciting innovations and markets.

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Marketing healthcare can be challenging in today’s environment because according to a Gallup study in 2015, only 39% of consumers have a positive view of the industry, compared to 45% that have a negative one. That leaves the industry with a net 6% deficit. This is shockingly low when compared to another industry like the computer industry that has a 59% net positive score.

The negative consumer perceptions of the healthcare industry can be linked to a number of things but one of them is the lack of trust caused by the industry’s failure to be transparent. Fortunately, this is starting to change. Healthcare professionals and organizations that embrace transparency have a huge opportunity to connect with patients on a whole new level, especially when it comes to marketing relevance.

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Communication Purpose

To motivate consumers to use Walgreens Pharmacy for convenience items, e.g milk and school supplies, rather than exclusively for filling prescriptions.

Consumer Insight:

Consumer insight exploration revealed that the proximity and ease with which it was possible to access Walgreens, meant that it fulfilled 'last minute' needs in a way that mass merchandisers were unable to do.

Strategic Idea:

Walgreens is the antidote to life's realities: it is the prescription for a busy life.


An ally: there when you need it, supportive, kind and in touch with life's realities.

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Communication Purpose:

To take the Country Time Lemonade brand out of the world of backyard barbecues in the summer, and more effectively compete with year round ready to drink beverages.

Brand Insight:

Lemonade is uniquely associated with a sense of youthful optimism, innocence and joy - a return to a more uncomplicated existence. An eternal summer state.

Strategic Idea

Country Time Lemonade Lifts the Spirits and Returns You To A Summer State Of Mind.


Youthful, Joyous and an eternal optimist.

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Communication Purpose

To bring to life the reasons why McDonald’s has a place in people’s hearts that no other fast food restaurant can occupy. A place where everyone can ‘come in out of the cold’ and feel the spirit of humanity while satisfying his or her hunger in a way only McDonald’s can do.

Consumer Insight

The best moments in life are those that enable a shared smile, laugh or a fleeting human connection. When it comes to choosing a fast food restaurant, these things are as important as the food itself.

Strategic Idea

Togetherness Happens at McDonald’s.


Warm, welcoming, approachable, optimistic and above all REAL. 

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